Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is a 1994 American independent crime film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino from a story he conceived with Roger Avary. It tells four intertwining tales of... Wikipedia

  • Director:  Quentin Tarantino
  • Produced by:  Lawrence Bender
  • Writer(s):  Quentin Tarantino
  • Story by:  Quentin Tarantino, Roger Avary
  • Starring:  John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Amanda Plummer, Maria de Medeiros, Ving Rhames, Eric Stoltz, Rosanna Arquette, Christopher Walken, Bruce Willis
  • Cinematography:  Andrzej Sekuła
  • Edited by:  Sally Menke
  • Distributed by:  Miramax Films
  • Released:  May 21, 1994 (Cannes), October 14, 1994 (United States)
  • Running time:  154 minutes
  • Country:  United States
  • Language:  English
  • Budget:  $8–8.5 million
  • Box office:  $213.9 million
  • Data source:  DuckDuckGo